• Why Do Dogs Bark at Walls?

    When your dog does something out of the ordinary for them, it’s important to take notice and keep an eye on it. Barking in itself is not an abnormal behavior for dogs, but barking at walls with no obvious reason is certainly behavior that you should monitor. 
  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Children?

    It’s no secret that dogs bark and they do so for a wide variety of reasons. A random bark here and there usually isn’t an issue.

    Excessive barking, however, can be obnoxious or even cause anxiety for a pet parent. This is particularly true if your dog barks at children, which is a much more common occurrence than you might think. 

  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Sirens?

    A collar like this also allows you to manually control when the collar activates. If you want to discourage unwanted behavior, such as running too far from you in a crowded dog park, you can do so from hundreds of feet away with a convenient remote control.
  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Cats?

    Dogs bark; it’s simply a fact of life. However, some dog breeds bark more than others or are more vocal towards stimulus that other breeds easily ignore. 

    For example, many dog owners have experienced their dog barking at a cat, whether it’s a stray cat they encounter on a walk or another pet living in your home.

  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Vacuums?

    Sometimes it seems like dogs bark at the strangest things, and one of these things is an extremely common household appliance many families use multiple times per week: the vacuum cleaner. 
  • Why Do Dogs Bark When You Leave?

    Many dogs are perfectly quiet and well-behaved when they’re safe and comfortable at home with their owner. However, once you leave and the dog is home alone, it’s common for them to act out, and one of the most typical ways is through excessive barking. 

  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Doorbells?

    It’s a common habit for dogs to react to the sound of a doorbell with a series of big booming barks. It’s their way of announcing their presence and letting you know of a stranger's arrival. While that may be useful at times, it can become a real headache when the barking is excessive.
  • Why Do Dogs Randomly Bark?

    It’s a lot easier to deal with a dog barking when you at least know why they’re doing it. Maybe the mailman startles them into speaking up, or they get too excited to keep quiet when they see you, or they like to say hello to fellow dogs on their walks. Of course, those barking behaviors can become a pain, but the problem is a lot easier to solve when you understand what’s causing it.  

  • Why Do Dogs Bark at the Mailman?

    It’s a classic dog stereotype that’s much more of a headache in real life than it is in all of those cartoons: Some dogs just love to bark at the mailman. If you’re around to hear it every day, then you’re most likely searching desperately for a way to make it stop. 

  • Why Do Small Dogs Bark So Much?

    If you own any type of dog, no matter their breed or size, they’re bound to bark once in a while—it’s just what dogs do. 

    If you’ve owned many breeds of dogs or are around dogs often, you may notice some dogs use their voices more than others. In particular, small dogs are often more vocal than their larger counterparts.

  • Why Do Dogs Bark at the Door?

    Barking is one of the most common–yet least understood–behaviors dogs engage in. There are so many reasons dogs bark, ranging from fear to boredom to excitement and everything in between.
  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Strangers?

    It’s pretty embarrassing when your dog barks loudly at any stranger they meet, and it can make you feel pretty helpless, too. Your pup needs their exercise, and to get that exercise, there’s a good chance that they’ll need to come into contact with people they’re unfamiliar with.