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  • 2-in-1 Pet Deshedding Tool For All Pets and Fur
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Pet Shedding & Grooming Products

Shedding is perfectly normal for pets, but that doesn’t mean you or your house need to be covered in their fur too! Pet Pawsabilities™ pet shedding and grooming products stop shedding at the source, and quickly pick up any loose hair embedded in furniture, carpets, and clothing!

Featured Products

We offer two great dog grooming products to best suit your needs:

Pet Pawsabilities™ Pet Hair Removing Roller

The Pet Pawsabilities™ Hair Removing Roller is the best thing that ever happened to your home! With a few strokes of the Pet Hair Removing Roller, any fabric surface with be fur-free.

  • Easy to use. Simply move the roller in a back-and-forth motion to pick up unwanted hair on any fabric surface.
  • Easy to clean. Simply press the release button to open the lid and empty the hair, dirt, and dander into the trash!
  • Light and compact to take anywhere you go!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back


Pet Pawsabilities™ 2-in-1 Pet Deshedding Tool

This dual-purpose glove will solve all of your unwanted pet hair needs! With soft, eco-friendly rubber tips, the Pet Pawsabilities™ 2-in-1 Deshedding Tool massages your pet while gently removing dirt, dander, and loose fur from all coat types. When done, simply flip over the glove to use the unique one-way fabric to quicky pick up lint and fur from clothing and furniture.

  • Suitable for all pets. Use for all coat types and lengths, wet or dry!
  • Gently groom hard to reach areas around the face.
  • Rubber grip. Now featuring 290 soft tips!
  • Cleans loose hair. Quickly grab pet hair from all fabric surfaces.
  • Universal fit. One size fits all adjustable Velcro wrist strap!

The Importance of Routine Pet Grooming

We believe that pets are the most loving and loyal companions in our lives, and we do everything in our power to make sure pets are well taken care of. That’s why Pet Pawsabilities™ offers the best grooming tools for you and your pet.

To keep your pet at their happiest and heathiest, use the Pet Pawsabilities™ 2-in-1 deshedding tool on your pet at home a few times a week. Grooming will keep their coat clean and mat free and their skin healthy. Plus, there is no better time to bond with your pet than during a grooming session!

Pet Pawsabilities™ 2-in-1 deshedding tool is the perfect tool for bath time. Using a pet-friendly shampoo, the glove design and massage tips will leave your pup begging for more baths! Keep bath time fun with positive reinforcement in the form of treats and verbal praise. By following a regular grooming schedule, your pet will learn from a young age that grooming is an important and regular part of their lives!