Bark Collars FAQ

FAQ For Battery and Rechargeable bark collars.

Why does my collar just keep going off?

This happens for three reasons:

A1: The sensitivity level is set too high…you reduce the sensitivity level by pressing the minus "-" button.

A2: The collar is not tight enough, please tighten the collar.

A3: The collar is not aligned with the dogs voice box (plastic part of collar should be right under dogs mouth)

Why does the collar not activate when my dog barks?

A: Please test the collar by blowing with medium/high force in between the two probes on the back. The collar should beep, if the collar does not beep please increase the sensitivity level by pressing the + button. 

If the collar is still not activating on your dog after the test, continue increasing the sensitivity level by pressing “+” and tighten the collar as it might be too loose.

Why does my collar beep but not vibrate?

A1: For battery operated collars: The battery does not have enough power to allow it to vibrate, please replace the battery. 

A2: For rechargeable collars: The collar needs to be charged long. Please allow collar to be charged for 3 hours. 

Why does the collar go off when my dog doesn't bark?

A: The sensitivity level is set too high, please decrease the sensitivity level by pressing the "-" button. 

Why does my bark collar pick up other outside sounds?

A1: The sensitivity level is set too high, please decrease the sensitivity level by pressing the "-" button. 

A2: The collar is too loose around your dogs neck, please tighten the collar. 

My dog barks through the sounds and vibration, what do I do?

A1: This is not caused by a defective product, this is something related to the dog's habit and personality. This anti bark dog collar is workable for 95% of dogs, but there are about 5% that are wired a certain way where the collar will not work for them.

A2 : The collar is not actually triggering when your dog barks, which means you have to adjust the sensitivity level. There are a total of 7 sensitivity levels. The 4th level is set automatically after installing the battery or turning the collar on. Press the "+" button to increase the sensitivity, the higher the sensitivity, the easier the collar is triggered

How can I improve the life of the battery?

A: For Battery Operated Collars with no on/off button, please remove the battery when collar is not in use. 

The no bark collar works well when it responds but it isn't consistently respond to my dogs bark. It's just not picking up her bark and she's small but has a loud bark. It responds about 2 out of 10 times. It can't be the battery because when I yell into the sensor really close and loud it responds. I've lost the instructions so I've tried it on all the settings assuming that was sensitivity settings. Anything else I can do?

A: Please press the "+" button to adjust the sensitivity level to allow the collar to trigger better. If the collar isn't responding to the dogs bark, it means the sensitivity level is low. If you lost the instructions please email us at for an electronic copy. 

Is it normal for the collar to beep 3 or 4 times randomly? Collar just beeps without any bark.

A: Please press "-" button to lower the sensitivity level, for battery operated collars please change to a new battery and test. For rechargeable: Please charge it for 3 hours. 

Are the no shock collars 100% safe for my dog?

A: Yes. Please read the manual for your pet's safety.

What do we do if the collar putting out very little vibrations even with a new battery or fresh charge?

A: The vibration is increasing from the 3rd-7th bark. The no shock bark collar works function as follows:

On the 1st Bark, 1.5 sec Beep;

2nd Bark within 40 secs, 2.5 secs Beep;

3rd Bark within 40 secs, 4 Sec Beep & 0.5 sec vibration;

4th Bark within 40 secs, 4 Sec Beep & 1 sec vibration;

5th Bark within 40 secs, 4 Sec Beep & 1.5 sec vibration;

6th Bark within 40 secs, 4 Sec Beep & 2 sec vibration;

7th Bark within 40 secs, 4 Sec Beep & 2.5 sec vibration.

If your dog does not bark within the timeframe listed, the bark collar will reset.

What if the collars are not working after one week use? They are still beeping but in the vibration stage they just make a buzzing noise and do not vibrate

A: For battery operated collars: Please change the battery and test. For rechargeable: Please charge it for 3 hours. 

What is the difference between the 2 sizes of electrodes or plastic prongs for the battery operated collars?

A: The short prongs are for short haired dogs and the longer prongs are for medium/long haired dogs.

What kind of battery is in the collars? What type is the battery?

A: It's 1pc 6V 4LR44 alkaline battery operated. (This is for battery operated collars not rechargeable collars)

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at