Collar FAQ

Common Questions & Troubleshooting

Can I get a digital copy of the instruction manual for my device?
Yes, email us at with the order number (or the email and name used for the order) so we may verify the model and send the appropriate manual.

The collar is too big for my dog’s neck, can I cut it?
You can definitely trim the collar to minimize excess for a better fit. However, make sure that the collar is functioning properly and that your pup is responding as we will be unable to accept any returns/exchanges or offer replacements on altered products. We suggest looping and tying the excess collar material during the trial period. (You may contact support regarding the suggested method for this.) 

Over time nylon can start to show wear and tear. To help prevent fraying or a loose string, one trick is to use a lighter. Quickly run a flame from the lighter over the edge of your collar. Move the flame quickly to avoid leaving burn marks on your collar. Again, make sure that the collar is functioning properly and that your pup is responding as we will be unable to accept any returns/exchanges or offer replacements on altered products.

Can I use a fast charger? 
It is advised to only use the charging cords provided with your device.
Using other chargers can compromise the functionality / life span on the devices. If you are in need of a new charger please contact support or visit our replacement charger pages. 

How long do I charge the rechargeable collars for?
The recommended charging time for any of our collars that require charging is 1.5-3 hours at a time. Charging for long periods of time (ex overnight) is not recommended as this can deplete the devices lifespan overtime. 

How can I improve the battery span?
Make sure the device is turned off when not in use and to only charge when needed. We advise you to review the instruction manual for charge time.

How long do the collars last?
Each collars longevity depends on customer / dog usage (how often the collar is activating.) To increase collar longevity; charge as recommended and ensure charging ports on rechargeable collars are secured shut when in use. 

How long will the charge last? 
Remote Training Units:
This collar can charge fully in 1.5 hours. The remote can last over 50 days and the collar (receiver) lasting over 15 days with just one charge.
LED Bark Collar:
This collar charges fully in 2.5 Hours and can lasts 15+ hours on a full charge. 
Rechargeable Bark Collar:
This collar can hold a charge for up to 10 hours depending on our often it is activating. Since it is recommended to only have the collar on for 6-10 hours, it is a great reminder to give the pup a break while it recharges. 
Please note that these time frames can vary depending n how often collars are activated. 

How does it work? (Bark Collar Models) 
The devices with the probes have a microphone whereas the flat probe collars work through the throat vibration. 
Please note: that the Rechargeable Model features smooth/flat sensors that may have a hard time detecting barking through thicker coat types; for breeds with thicker fur we suggest the LED Model as this mode features slightly elevated sensors to detect barking through thicker fur. 

When you first get the collar, you will want to leave it on your dog (do not turn it on) for 24-48 hours until they ignore it. Initially they will attempt to scratch or just paw at it. When that completely stops you should be ready to start training.

Be sure to have the pup supervised at the start so you'll know how they'll respond. If your dog barks, the collar will beep, while the collar is beeping you can enforce the "no" or the command you use to let your dog know they are doing something wrong. 

What if I have more than one (1) dog, will one set off the other?
No, because the device is resting over the pup's voice box and the sensitivity set to their bark level, they should not interfere with one another. They may hear the beeping from the collar, but shouldn't set the other's off.

Does it work on puppies?
For this type of training, puppies typically learn best at about 6 months. 

Is it waterproof?
All units are designed to be water resistant (IPX-5 rating) and are not recommended to be fully submerged in water. We suggest users ensure that the charging port on these devices are secured closed, as this area of the collar could be water sensitive. 

Are the collars 100% safe for my dog?
Yes, your dogs comfort and safety is important to us. Our collars are shock free and humane. Please read the manual for your pet's safety. 

The collar has given my dog's neck an irritation. How do I fix this?
We advise not to have your pup wear the collar at all times. It's a rarity, particularly since we use rounded or flat prongs, but still like to make our customers aware of the possibility of pressure necrosis (also known as "collar sores"). This can occur if the collar is not properly worn and if on for too long. We recommend no more than a 10 hour wear.

Should your pup experience any irritation, discontinue the use of the collar. If the affected area is still present after 48 hours, please seek care from your veterinarian. 

Why does my collar keep activating even when my dog doesn’t bark?
This happens for a couple of reasons:

A1: Sensitivity is too low or too high. Should your pup be a loud barker, you'll want to keep the sensitivity low (-). For a soft barker, turn the sensitivity higher (+). The intensity of the beeps and vibration will self-adjust. (For our LED Collar select (S) mode to adjust the sensitivity and refer to the LED screen to confirm the set level.)
A2: The collar is too loose. The best way to check if the tightness is right is to stick your index finger between the dog's neck and collar. You should be able to fit your finger with no problem. 
A3: The device is not aligned properly. The device should be under the dog's mouth and over their voice box.

Why does the collar not activate when my dog barks?
In the testing stage, blow with medium/high force in between the probes. If the collar does not beep, increase the sensitivity level and test again. 

If the collar is still not activating, continue increasing the sensitivity level by pressing (+) [(s) for LED Model] and tighten the collar as it might be too loose.

Should your pup be a loud barker, keep the sensitivity level low. For a soft bark, turn the sensitivity higher. The intensity of the beeps and vibration will self-adjust with every bark. Adjusting the sensitivity levels may be a trial and error process to see what level your dog responds on.

Why is the collar not vibrating?
For rechargeable collars the vibration will activate after the 3rd series of beeps / the 3rd bark. For the LED model you will need to ensure that the vibration mode is on by selecting (S) then you'll see an icon on the LED screen that indicates that the vibration mode is on. 

The collar may need to be charged.
Please allow the collar to be charged for 1.5-3 hours.

My dog barks through the sounds and vibration, what can I do?

A1: This may be related to the dog's habit and personality. Bark collars are workable for 95% of dogs, but there is a 5% chance that they just do not respond to the beeps and/or vibrations.
A2 : The sensitivity level needs adjusting. Should your pup be a loud baker, you'll want to keep the sensitivity low (-). For a soft barker, turn the sensitivity higher (+). The intensity of the beeps and vibration will self-adjust. The vibration for the collar should occur after the third bark. (For our LED Collar select (S) mode to adjust the sensitivity and refer to the LED screen to confirm the set level.)


What do I do if the vibration is very low even with a  fresh charge?
Once in the vibration stage, the vibration will increase with each bark.

The no shock bark collar works function as follows:

On the 1st Bark, 1.5 sec Beep;
2nd Bark within 40 secs, 2.5 secs Beep;
3rd Bark within 40 secs, 4 Sec Beep & 0.5 sec vibration;
4th Bark within 40 secs, 4 Sec Beep & 1 sec vibration;
5th Bark within 40 secs, 4 Sec Beep & 1.5 sec vibration;
6th Bark within 40 secs, 4 Sec Beep & 2 sec vibration;
7th Bark within 40 secs, 4 Sec Beep & 2.5 sec vibration.

If your dog doesn't bark within the timeframe listed, the bark collar will reset.

I’ve only had the collar for one week and the vibration is just a buzzing noise, what can I do? 
This is an indication that the battery power is low. Please charge your unit. 

Is your collar not activating for your remote training unit? 
These collars can pair up to four collars per remote. You will want to ensure that you are activating the correct collar channel. While the collar is off the dog cycle through the collar channels by selecting the dog icon on the remote and doing a the beep/vibration for each channel. You can proceed to step #3 on column #8 of the manual to re-pair the remote to the collar(s.) 

Should you need further assistance or have additional questions we would be happy to assist you; contact our support team at: