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No-Shock Bark Collars

Our Bark Collar is the only humane collar that will NOT shock or harm your dog. These collars will actually stop your dog from barking very effectively with just beep and vibration, at a fraction of the cost of other bark collars.

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No-Shock Remote Training Collars

The Pet Pawsabilities™ Training Collar is the only HUMANE collar that will NOT shock or harm your dog while training them. Our Remote training collar is extremely effective and only uses 3 modes for training. 


Pet Shedding & Grooming

Is your dog shedding everywhere? Are you struggling to keep your home or car clean? Pet Pawsabilities has the solution. Try our high-quality dog grooming products, like our Pet Hair Remover Roller and 2-in-1Pet Deshedding Glove!

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Dog Boots

Pet Pawsabilities™ dog boots are designed for ALL seasons. Whether you and your dog are hiking in the hot sun or strolling for a walk in the snow, you can rest assured that your dog's paws will be protected with our durable dog shoes.

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Dog Harnesses

Forget about complicated harnesses that are a hassle to take on and off and cause choking and pulling. The Pet Pawsabilities No-Pull Dog Harness is designed for maximum comfort and control for both you and your dog!

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Why Choose Us?

High Quality Products

Made with high quality materials and superior craftsmanship, our products are made to last, so you can get more value out of your purchase while ensuring the safety and comfort of your pets.

Shelter & Rescue Donations

For every item purchased, Pet Pawsabilities donates a product to shelters and rescues in need. All kinds of products are donated—like blankets, food, treats, care products, food bowls, toys, shampoo and more!

Passionate Animal Lovers

Pet Pawsabilities was created to have a positive change in the pet world. We not only provide problem-solving pet products, but we also help pets in need by donating to shelters and rescues.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers allow us to make a positive change in the pet world! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do it, so thank you! Explore our latest customer testimonials and reviews:

"I've bought three bark collars for my dogs from this company, and they never dissapoint"

Justin Stewart

This company goes above and beyond for customers. All their products are awesome.

Richard Bland

Awesome bark collars and pet grooming tools.

Lisa Chance

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