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  • No-Pull Dog Harness, Soft & Breathable Padding, Reflective, For Small to Large dogs
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Pet Pawsabilities™ Dog Harness

The right dog harness ensures safe playtime and enjoyable walks for both you and your dog. The Pet Pawsabilities™ No-Pull Dog Harness is designed to provide maximum comfort while keeping your pet secure. With two D-ring attachment points located on the chest and the back, you can choose the most comfortable leash attachment for you and your dog. By applying minimal pressure to your dog’s center of gravity, a harness comfortably stops common pulling and lunging behaviors. Enjoy long walks all year round with Pet Pawsabilities™ padded air mesh and weather-resistant harness!

Pet Pawsabilities™ Dog Harness

Designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind, the Pet Pawsabilities™ Dog Harness is perfect for everyday walks or big adventures.

  • Easy to use. Fast release high-quality snap buckles.
  • Adjustable Fit. Two neck straps and two chest straps are included to ensure the perfect fit every time.
  • Weather Resistant. The harness’s waterproof fabric is made for any season.
  • High visibility. Durable, reflective detailing keeps your dog safe day or night.
  • Lightweight, air-mesh fabric ensures your dog will be comfortable on long walks all year round.  
  • Total control. Two points of connection and an easy to grab back handle provide the control you need to keep your pet safe.

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Why Use a Harness Instead of a Collar?

Treat your dog with love and respect by choosing the most comfortable and secure products, like our no-pull dog harness. Collars are important for your dog’s safety—but when used for walking, they may pose a hazard for dogs that pull or lunge. The pull of a leash on a dog’s collar may compress the airway and can lead to serious injuries and discomfort, while leaving you with little to no control of your dog.

Harnesses, however, take the strain from your dog’s head and neck and gently disperses it across their body. With four points of adjustability, the Pet Pawsabilities™ No-Pull Dog Harness ensures the right point of contact, every time. Our harness is designed with two D-rings—one on the chest and one on the back. If your dog pulls or lunges, the Pet Pawsabilities™ Dog Harness applies pressure to your dog’s center of gravity, allowing you to maintain control in a harmless, humane way.

Say Goodbye to Complicated Harnesses

Dogs with respiratory problems or neck injuries will benefit from a no-pull harness, which can help to keep them stress- and injury-free. Our fast-release, high-quality snap buckles and four points of adjustability ensure a great fit in no time. Just slide the harness over your pup's head, buckle it up, adjust the straps, and you and your pup are ready to go!