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  • Durable Waterproof Dog Shoes, Extra Secure, Anti-Slip with Reflective Strap (Set of 4)
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Dog Boots

Protect your pet’s paws with Pet Pawsabilities™ Dog Boots so you can confidently take your best friend with you everywhere you go. From rocky alpine trails and icy snow, to the hot summer asphalt, our durable, waterproof dog shoes are designed for all seasons. There are no conditions that will slow your adventures down! 

Pet Pawsabilities™ Dog Boots

Designed with your dog in mind, Pet Pawsabilities™ dog boots provide traction and protection, so you and your dog can keep exploring in all conditions:

  • Non-Slip. Prevent slipping, sliding, and injuries with anti-slip rubber soles.
  • Weather Resistant. Made with weather resistant, waterproof microfiber leather and jacket fabric.
  • Breathable mesh keeps air flowing in, and the elements out
  • Adjustable Fit. An adjustable, reflective wraparound strap allows for maximum comfort and high visibility at night.

Why Use Dog Boots?

Dog paws are generally tough but may need some extra help from time to time. Pet Pawsabilities™ Dog Boots are here to help:


Winter Conditions

In addition to slippery ice and cold snow, winter conditions call for salt on sidewalks, walking paths, and roads. These salt crystals can cause your dog discomfort when stepping on them as well as chemical burns and reactions if ingested. Dog shoes can protect your dog’s paws from the cold and keep harmful chemicals out of reach.


Summer Heat

If a surface is too hot for the palm of your hand, chances are it’s too hot for your pup’s paw pads. When walking in cool grass isn’t an option, dog boots can be a great way to protect your dog’s paws from discomfort or heat burns. Pet Pawsabilities™ dog boots breathable mesh encourages ventilation, so the sweat glands in your dog’s paw pads can keep doing their job. 


Protect Injuries

Cuts and scrapes, especially in high use areas like paw pads need extra protection to heal. Keep injuries clean, dry, and safe with Pet Pawsabilities™ dog boots.



Rough Terrain

When your adventures take you to rocky slopes and sharp surfaces, durable dog boots can protect your dog’s paws from injury. No-slip rubber soles and an adjustable strap will keep your dog safe from abrasions caused by rocks, thorns, and other sharp surfaces while providing traction on uneven surfaces.


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