Bark Collar for Large Dogs

Gently remind your large dog to stop barking with Pet Pawsabilities™ No-Shock Bark Collar for large dogs. With water-resistant technology and durable nylon-web material, this collar will stand up to the toughest of elements. From the smallest to the largest adventures, have peace of mind that your large-breed pup will be on their best behavior.

Pet Pawsabilities™ No-Shock Bark Collar

The Pet Pawsabilities™ No-Shock Bark Collar is designed with anti-false triggering, so other dogs will never trigger the collar. We offer both a rechargeable and a battery-powered option to best meet your needs.

  • Shock-Free. Our large dog bark collars use only vibration and beeps, so you can safely train your pet.
  • Long-Lasting Use. Batteries included or rechargeable for 10+ hours of long-lasting use.
  • Weather Resistant. Made with weather-resistant, waterproof microfiber and rainproof technology.
  • Easy On/Off. Durable quick-release buckle.
  • Seven sensitivity levels for optimal training.
  • Adjustable Fit. An adjustable, reflective collar ensures a secure fit and high visibility at night.

      Large-Dog Barking Habitats

      Humane training tools from Pet Pawsabilities™ allows your dog to quickly learn preferred behavior in a harmless, humane way. In addition to the right tools, taking the time to understand your dog and their needs will lead to a better relationship and training. When it comes to stopping unwanted barking behaviors, the right no-shock bark collar is only the first step.

      Understanding Why Your Dog is Barking

      As you train your dog, it can be helpful to put yourself in your dog’s mindset. Keep the following common reasons for dog barking in mind:

      • Attention seeking. Your dog might crave attention and use barking as a method of communicating this to you. When your dog barks as a way to ask for a tummy scratch, complying with the request will only reward your pup for the bad behavior of barking. Instead, wait until the barking ceases with help from Pet Pawsabilities™ No-Shock Bark Collar, then reward your pup with a scratch!
      • Frustration or boredom. Exercise and stimulation are important for any dog, big or small. In general, dogs benefit from a minimum of thirty minutes of physical activity a day, although closer to two hours is recommended. With consistent physical activity, you’ll be rewarded with a happy, healthy pup—and less barking!
      • Fear. No matter the size, all dogs can experience fear or anxiety. Barking may be your dog’s method of expressing these feelings. Train your dog to focus on you during fearful or uncomfortable situations. Rewarding your dog when they focus on you can ease their fears and reduce unwanted barking.

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      Jessica Burton
      Actually works

      I had very little hope this collar would actually work but it does!! You obviously have to do some training with it, it’s not magic. But it works!! They still let off an initial bark when alerted, but then stop. No more excessive barking!

      Heidi Bodian
      Bark collar

      Works great ordering another for our puppy

      Linda Brown
      Barking Control collar

      Absolutely love it. I had a shock collar before and it traumatized my dog, could not use it. This collar has stopped almost all barking and no pain, just a beep. It hasn't even gotten past the 3 beeps to the vibration, and he is a avid barker. Highly recommend.

      Cynthia Cook
      Life saver!

      Reduced my West Highland terrier’s barking by a solid 80% - 90%.

      Christi Haines
      Has really limited the barking

      My Great Pyrenees mix has a very loud bark and his instincts tell him everything needs to be scared away by it to protect us (his flock)...birds, squirrels, airplanes flying overhead. This collar is really helping to curb this habit to a more reasonable level.