Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Got a small dog with a BIG bark? Gently remind your pup to stop barking with Pet Pawsabilities™ No-Shock Bark Collar. Our no-shock, humane collars are gentle enough for even the smallest dogs and puppies. With seven customizable sensitivity levels, our no-shock collar can gently remind the softest to the loudest of barkers to change their behavior.  

Pet Pawsabilities™ No-Shock Bark Collar

Easy to put on and easy to adjust, our bark collars are the best choice for your small dog. We offer both a rechargeable and a battery-powered option to best meet your needs.

  • Train Safely & Humanely. Our collars use only vibration and beeps, which will not harm your dog.
  • Long-Lasting Use. Batteries included or rechargeable for 10+ hours of long-lasting use.
  • Weather Resistant. Made with weather-resistant, waterproof microfiber and rainproof technology.
  • Adjustable Fit. Lightweight, adjustable nylon-web collar fits even the smallest of dogs.
  • Easy On/Off. Durable quick-release buckle for dogs always on the go.
  • Anti-False Triggering. Other dogs will never trigger the collar.

Training with No-Shock Bark Collars

The purpose of a training collar is to gently remind your dog to change or stop unwanted behaviors, not to shock them into fear. Our no-shock bark collars for small dogs use mild vibration and tone, never hurtful shocks. This allows you to humanely train your small dog not to bark excessively.

Here at Pet Pawsabilities™ we don’t sell electrical shock collars, and for a good reason. We only provide you with products that are HUMANE, SAFE, ETHICAL and EFFECTIVE.

Introducing Your Dog to Its Collar

Your dog should associate the vibration and tones of the collar with their unwanted behaviors, instead of the collar itself—or you. So, before you jump into training with your new no-shock bark collar, take small steps to associate positive activities with the collar. For instance, you might play with your dog while the collar is on but turned off.

Keep Your Pup’s Tail Wagging

Before using the vibration and tone settings, begin with short sessions of your dog wearing the collar while turned off. Give your dog a small treat the first few times you put the collar on and continue positive reinforcement training by playing your dog’s favorite games while wearing the collar. Soon, your pup will be excited each time the collar is put on! When an unwanted behavior occurs, your dog will readily associate the vibration or tone with that behavior, stopping unwanted barking quickly and humanely.

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Jessica Burton
Actually works

I had very little hope this collar would actually work but it does!! You obviously have to do some training with it, it’s not magic. But it works!! They still let off an initial bark when alerted, but then stop. No more excessive barking!

Heidi Bodian
Bark collar

Works great ordering another for our puppy

Linda Brown
Barking Control collar

Absolutely love it. I had a shock collar before and it traumatized my dog, could not use it. This collar has stopped almost all barking and no pain, just a beep. It hasn't even gotten past the 3 beeps to the vibration, and he is a avid barker. Highly recommend.

Cynthia Cook
Life saver!

Reduced my West Highland terrier’s barking by a solid 80% - 90%.

Christi Haines
Has really limited the barking

My Great Pyrenees mix has a very loud bark and his instincts tell him everything needs to be scared away by it to protect us (his flock)...birds, squirrels, airplanes flying overhead. This collar is really helping to curb this habit to a more reasonable level.