• How to Train a Boston Terrier Not to Bark

    There’s nothing like a great dog to liven up your home and add value to your life, and Boston terriers are a wonderful choice for a variety of different lifestyles and households. 
  • How to Train a Beagle Puppy Not to Bark

    Puppies always add an element of joy and fun to a household, especially with a breed as lively as the beagle. When you adopt a dog that’s still in its puppy stages, you get to watch them grow and experience many things for the first time, which is meaningful for both owner and puppy and creates a strong bond. 
  • How to Train a Beagle Not to Bark

    One of the most common behaviors that dog owners will try to eradicate is excessive barking. A dog that barks constantly is a nuisance to its owners and any neighbors that live close by. Additionally, constant barking also means the dog is on high alert, which could create stress-related health issues. 
  • How to Train a Yorkie Puppy Not to Bark

    Adopting a new puppy is an extremely exciting time, and bonding with your dog so early in their development is a meaningful experience that many owners who adopt older dogs miss out on. 
  • Why Do Dogs Bark When People Hug?

    Picture this: you’re greeting your guests with hugs as they enter your home for a get-together, but the happy moment is ruined as your dog starts to bark nonstop. Now you have to worry about calming your dog down or removing them from the area rather than taking your guests’ coats or giving them the grand tour. 
  • Why Do Dogs Bark at the Moon?

    Though it may seem like your dog is barking at the moon for no clear purpose, most dogs have a reason for barking that makes sense to them. When it comes to barking at the moon, there are several reasons your dog may feel the need to vocalize. 
  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Thunder?

    For many dogs, stormy weather is a terrifying experience. Barking at thunder is an extremely common trait for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Like any loud noise your dog cannot understand, thunder can cause extreme anxiety in dogs and encourage anxious behaviors like barking excessively. 
  • How to Train a Yorkie Not to Bark

    We get it: you love your Yorkie, but can’t get them to stop barking when something sets them off. You’re not alone, and we’ve gathered some helpful information specific to how to train a Yorkie not to bark that might help you curb the issue.

  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Horses?

    Many animal lovers don’t stop at just one type of pet. In fact, it’s quite common for those that own larger, more high-maintenance animals like horses, also have dogs as pets. However, dogs and horses aren’t always the most naturally compatible animals for many reasons. 
  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Fireworks?

    Did you know more dogs run away from home on the Fourth of July than on any other day? The reason is clear to any pet owner: fireworks. 

    Our furry friends don’t understand these loud, booming noises and often feel extremely threatened by them. With dogs, these overwhelming emotions can lead to excessive barking.

  • Why Do Dogs Bark Excessively?

    It’s a fact of life that dogs bark, but in some cases, a dog’s barking can get out of hand. Excessive barking isn’t just annoying for the dog’s family; it can irritate neighbors and trigger other animals that live nearby.
  • Why Do Dogs Bark at Animals on TV?

    Though most people enjoy kicking back with their favorite show or movie from time to time, dogs don’t quite understand what’s happening is not real life. 

    Some dogs are unphased by the strange sights and sounds coming from the TV, but some dogs are triggered when another animal shows up on the screen.