Help! My Dog Barks at Everything that Passes By

It’s not uncommon to have a vocal dog. Most of the time, your pup’s barking behavior might feel manageable without any intervention, but certain breeds can develop the sort of noisy habits that are enough to drive any pet lover up the wall. 

If that’s the case with your dog, there’s no need to panic; excessive barking is something that you can absolutely handle, as long as you know what’s causing it and what you can do to change it. In this case, you know your dog barks every time something passes by the house. 

Getting a very noisy pup to keep quiet all on your own can be a difficult task. A few tips and a little bit of dedication to altering your pup’s behavior should inspire some big changes. 


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The Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Barking

Barking is your dog’s number one way of communicating with you, and there are a ton of different reasons why they may speak up when someone passes by the house. Below are some of the most common reasons.

To Say Hello

Your dog’s barking may simply be their way of greeting you, your family, your friends, strangers, and other animals who come by the house. This sort of barking is generally paired with some happy body language: a wagging tail, energetic movement, or jumping. 

This might be fine when the person or pup they’re greeting is happy to see them, too, but there’s a point at which it can become excessive, unnecessary, and difficult to deal with.

Territorial or Protective Instincts

Dogs are often territorial creatures. It’s written in their DNA to claim a place as their own and defend it when they sense that it’s being encroached upon, oftentimes by barking. They’re also loyal protectors by nature. If they sense that a member of their pack is being threatened, they will likely bark in response. 

These traits can be a great thing if you’re looking for a guard dog, but when these instincts extend beyond reasonable bounds, it can create a lot of noise for you (and anyone else in the vicinity!).

What to Do About Excessive Barking

There are several potential solutions for discouraging your pup’s barking behavior. Here are some of our top tips:

Show Them the Proper Way to Greet Others

If you think your dog’s excessive barking is simply part of their greeting, then work on giving them a new one. Don’t acknowledge your pup at all if they greet you by barking or jump on you – no words, no petting, no eye contact. Only acknowledge them once they’ve calmed down. 

Once your pup greets you in a calm way, consider giving them a treat to reinforce the good behavior.

Block Their View

If you’ve got a territorial pup, try to prevent them from seeing who may be near their territory. Teach them to get down off the couch. Close the blinds on the front windows or block fence views while you’re training them.

Avoid Reinforcing the Behavior

It can be difficult not to give in to your dog’s excessive barking when you feel like all you have to do is give them what they want and they’ll quiet down. However, this will only teach your dog to bark more in the end. 

Once they know they will get the attention they’re seeking by barking, they won’t give in. Avoid this behavior by refusing to give attention to negative behavior.

Try a No-Shock Bark Collar

If you’ve tried everything and you still have an excessive barker running around your house, then you may want to consider a bark-stopping product like the No-Shock Bark Collar from Pet Pawsabilities™. This simple and affordable device uses sound and vibration to train your pup to stop barking without causing them any harm at all. It’s highly effective, totally humane, and it may be your best bet for discouraging your dog’s barking behavior.


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