Why Do Dogs Randomly Bark?

It’s a lot easier to deal with a dog barking when you at least know why they’re doing it. Maybe the mailman startles them into speaking up, or they get too excited to keep quiet when they see you, or they like to say hello to fellow dogs on their walks. Of course, those barking behaviors can become a pain, but the problem is a lot easier to solve when you understand what’s causing it.  

But what do you do when your dog seems to bark at nothing at all? It can feel pretty hopeless when all that noise is seemingly happening for no reason, but the truth is there is almost definitely a cause for your pup’s barking. It just may be something that humans cannot pick up on. 

If you want to gain a better understanding of your dog’s “random” barking, then check out this quick and easy guide to the secret reasons behind this interesting but irritating phenomenon. For a fast and humane way to stop your dog from barking, check out our Pet Pawsabilities bark collar today!

Is My Dog Really Barking at Nothing?

Humans like answers, and it can really drive people crazy when they cannot solve a problem or understand something. This is especially true when the answer you’re seeking is how in the world to get your dog to keep quiet when they’re barking randomly. 

But it should comfort you to know that there is an answer to that question, and your dog is more than likely barking at something specific. You just may not perceive what that thing is.

While humans have unparalleled brain power compared to the rest of the world's living organisms, the human sense faculties are really only so-so. On the other hand, dogs have senses that can be described as superpowers compared to those of the average human. They can perceive things well beyond your abilities, and when you find them barking at thin air, it’s probably because their senses are picking things up yours cannot.

The Reason Why Dogs Bark Randomly

You may be desperate for some peace and quiet, but you can’t get your pup to keep it down if you don’t know what’s making them speak up in the first place. Read on to learn the most likely reasons for that “random” barking.

They Hear Things You Can’t

Dogs have incredible hearing, which means that they can not only pick up on sounds from further distances than we can, but they can also hear a broader range of frequencies than us. 

All that seemingly meaningless barking could very well be a response to either a very high-pitched noise or an extremely soft sound that your ears can’t detect.

They Smell Things You Can’t

Dogs naturally have more powerful noses than we do. Some have also been bred for generations to pick up scents. 

We estimate their ability to pick up scents to be about 10,000 to 100,000 times better than a human’s. That means they’re smelling all kinds of things that are well beyond your capabilities. When they bark, and you don’t know why, just know they may be onto a scent that totally escapes you.

They See Things You Can’t

No, we don’t mean ghosts or anything like that, although some people believe that pups have a sense of the supernatural. Dogs just have the ability to see in lower light conditions than humans do. While you’re squinting out into the darkness trying to make out shapes, they’ve got a full-on view of what’s happening in the shadows, and they may see something they want you to know about.

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking Randomly

Below are some tips to help you curb that pesky random barking.  

Don’t Get Loud

Okay, this is something not to do, but trust us when we say that it’s important. If you shout when your dog barks, they think you’re barking along with them, which encourages the behavior. Remain calm and upbeat, and let them know you’re aware of what they’re alerting you of through gentle acknowledgment.

Teach Them a Quiet Command

Through positive reinforcement, you can train your pup to follow a “quiet” command. Just make sure you never give treats until your dog stops barking.

Try a Bark Collar

It can be tricky to curb barking when you can’t perceive what’s causing it. Let’s say your other attempts at discouraging their vocal behavior don’t seem to be working. 

Sometimes your best bet is a humane bark collar. The No-Shock Bark Collar from Pet Pawsabilities is a pain-free solution to your dog’s excessive barking.