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So glad I found you guys, I have a 5yr old German shepherd who likes to bark at every dog in the neighborhood, of course she just wants to play but it was getting out of hand. I wanted something that wouldn’t hurt her and that’s another reason why I love this collar. It definitely does the trick, she’s still learning how it works but she will bark once maybe twice and that’s it which is a HUGE improvement..we’ve had it for almost two weeks and I don’t let her outside without it. I would highly recommend it!!!

Great Collar

I thought that this collar seemed a bit flimsy. However, it truly works beautifully. Our dog hardly barks anymore. I love that it has only been charged once and we are using it daily for about two weeks. But we turn it off at night.

Up until I purchased this collar I had tried just about every other one on the market shock,citronella etc with no luck. I put this on him 10 days ago and he's been quiet ever since


We have 2 large St. Bernard/Lab mix dogs. We live in a wooded country area so there is a lot of animal movement all night long. Our dogs literally bark all night long at the different sounds they hear. It is not unusual to bark 7 hours straight! We were beside ourselves trying to get sleep at night. We were skeptical about this collar but decided to get one and see how it worked. We liked the idea that it didn’t hurt them and just vibrated. The first time we put it on one of our dogs we tried to train them the best we could but they don’t bark much during the day. It was unbelievable on how she reacted and stopped barking right away (Never barked all night long). We were so shocked on how well it worked we decided to get another one for our other dog. Our second dog hasn’t been quite as successful. First night we discovered his collar was too loose so we fixed that. He still barks but it has been probably cut by 2/3rds. So even though he still barks for several minutes (not hours) we are totally calling it a win! We have been able to finally get a good nights sleep with very limited barking. We highly recommend these humane collars, they work unbelievably well.

Awesome collars

We have two small dogs who bark a lot at the smallest noise. We tried the collars with the remote from other companies but was a hassle trying to grab it everytime trying to stop the barking. I bought the collar from Pet pawsibilities that goes off automatically when they bark and it works wonderful.. so I ordered another for our other one . We are very happy

Life changing for our family

We have a two-year-old pup we have had since he was 10 weeks old. He has been very reactive and barks unbelievably at anything and everything that moves. We have tried with two different trainers, with little success. This bark collar has changed him in the most positive way possible, without hurting him, and finally giving us some peace and quiet. He is a calmer dog, and certainly seems happier, and so are we. The collar works exactly as designed. Thank you!!!

Hi. I have a . pomperian and she has a lot o hair around her neck, actually her whole body I have been trimming the hair but so far. it isn't working. Any suggestions? She is a barker and really hoping this product would work. I wanted to enjoy our walk, Wish I had known about the long hair problem before I bought it. She does not like to have her hair cut !!!! Thanks for inventing. A product that doesn't shock out pets. Maybe I'll have the hair around her neck shaved until she knows the sound or vibration and would learn that way . Just seeing it later she wouldn't bark!! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks Sandy Malone

Improved barking

A solid product and easy to use. Still some barking but 80% improvement.

It's great.

I do have a redbone coonhound and stop him from baying and barking.
It works right way.

My neighbors and I thank you

Our Miniature Australian Shepherd pup would bark non stop at our neighbors if he heard or saw them, after receiving our humane no bark collar our boy would bark once or twice and he would stop barking. If a stranger walks down the road our boy will bark more than 3 or 4 times but the collar stops him from barking non stop. Best item we could have ordered to control non stop barking problem. Thank you for a design that doesn't hurt my pup.

The answer

Our 10 lb. Yorkie had a severe rage barking issue whenever another dog would walk by.
I put the bark collar on, and she stopped barking right away.
Thank you, your collar is the answer. So happy

Definitely helpful!

We live on a corner lot on a very active street with people constantly walking dogs, riding bikes, kids playing and lots of delivery trucks/traffic: our 1yr old Border Collie apparently thinks she should herd anything that passes by. She’s adorable, but her bark is shrill and repetitive like an alarm. (Think the dog version of Chandler Bing’s girlfriend “Janice” on Friends!) This collar has definitely helped distract her from barking for too long. She will get a couple barks out (which I’m fine with) but *most* of the time she now stops when her collar goes off. For us, it works best if I’m outside and can simultaneously tell her “no bark!” while her collar goes off but overall I see an improvement. Impressed by how long the charge holds too! Now, if you could make something to keep her from digging trenches in our yard I’d be the first in line to buy! Lol!


When moving into apartment, my fur boy was barking non stop when people walked by our porch or others dog walked with their owners and I couldn't control him to stop barking. Checking online for a bark collar as my friend suggested, I made a purchase of this one. I am hesitated at first when I tried to put on him but instantly, it worked! When he heard the beep, he curiously looked around and stop barking. I must said that be patience and work with your pet for him/her to get use on it. For me, I did not put it on him all day! When I took the bark collar off or turned it off, I observed my dog and kept repeating command "quiet" when he tried starting to bark. By now, only 10 days since I had this bark collar control, my fur boy is showing lot of improvement and I am happy with this. Highly recommend to others . :-)

Great Product

Placed the collar on my dog and worked right away. We were to the point of putting our dog in the house when we went since, Maggie our sheepdog was barking at us and herding us. The barking collar makes it being outside with the dog enjoyable. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Good collar for training but you need to be there

Position collar snuggly (not tight!) high on the neck with box at throat. I can still fit fingers inside but the collar doesn’t shift around. See pic. Collar beeps when dog barks. You need to tell dog to “quiet” or “stop barking” immediately at beeps. If dog continues, the collar will vibrate on 3rd attempt, which is harmless but startling to dog. Again, say command to stop during the beep. After a few times, the dog will realize that barking causes vibration and they will stop. I would recommend taking off the collar when you’re not around or when dogs play together. I had one dog break the collar’s clasp of another dog. The charge lasts all day. My dogs still bark but will dramatically reduce when I put the collar on.


I know all dogs are different, but I have a 10-month-old Lab who has started to be a “barker.” I had been unsuccessful with other training methods and my neighbor had started to complain. I don’t believe in shock collars and I would never hurt my dog so I was happy to find this vibration collar. I put it on him with the beep and the lowest vibration setting. When he barked I paired the beep with the verbal command “no bark” and the vibration definitely for his attention. I literally only had to do this TWO times and he got it!! He hasn’t worn the collar in several days but responds IMMEDIATELY when I say, “ no bark”. He comes running back to me and sits at my side. I am flabbergasted at how well this worked! My only complaint is that there is no indicator as to what setting the collar is on with regard to vibration strength. Also, when you turn it off and in again, does it default back to the lowest setting? Some sort of light or indicator would be helpful.

Beeps the barking away!

My extremely mouthy Australian Shepherd barks at everything he sees and hears, and even when he’s bored or feels as though he’s being ignored. The barking has been so much so that neighbors are complaining and my landlord threatening to remove him. Since the collar my Aussie is quiet! He’s able to bark twice consecutively before his collar warns with a beep. The beep instantly stops him as he looks around to find it (lol). The beep is loud enough for him and I to hear but can’t be heard in the other room. Now my Aussie can stay home with me, and I’m super excited that the color isn’t harming him in anyway! THANK YOU pawsabilities! ❤️🐾 **it must be said that I tried this collar on my own neck before my babies and I can 100% day that it doesn’t hurt what so ever!!!**

No Shock Humane Rechargeable Water Resistant Bark Control Collar

I have a goldendoodle that barks to play. I intially used a spray, which was expensive and didn't work. I got this collar and seriously, the moment I put it on, she barked and was like what? stopped. Now 2 weeks later, she might take one bark but stops immediately. I do train her with no barking when the collar goes off. if she does not bark at all, she gets a treat for not barking. but the collar is fabulous, it really does work!!!!! I would absolutely recommend buying this collar if you have a larger dog. No pain involved, but she does not like the noise.

No Shock Humane Rechargeable Water Resistant Bark Control Collar

I have been pleasantly surprised with the way this collar works, had my doubts that a tone-and-vibration-only collar would curb my dog's barking (he is not normally a barker but when taunted by backyard squirrels, he can go off!) but it really does work! A few barks here and there, but then the tone gets his attention and he stops! I have tried shock collars before but hated the idea that I was inflicting pain on this (100 lb!) beast I love so much! Very happy with this so far, great product!

Works like a charm!

This is the best little device that does not harm your dog using only vibrations and beeps. We have a (somewhat stubborn) Cavalier King Charles that felt he had to bark EVERY TIME he went outside. The vibrations seemed to distract and refocus him with the first wearing. We now put it on him before he goes outside and no barking! So happy with our purchase!😊

It really works

We have a 6 month old border collie with lots of energy and, when in the back yard, which has a 6-ft fence all around it so he can't see anything on the other side, he loses his mind barking when he hears the slightest sound on the other side. Plus he likes to bark at birds! Being in a neighborhood, this is not cool. So, we got this bark collar. Changed everything. We can leave him outside a lot longer now, which he loves. The collar gives him a couple barks, with little beeps before it goes into vibration mode. He can bark through the beeps, which I like because barking is healthy, but when he goes nuts the collar starts buzzing and he stops immediately and looks around, kinda freaked out. It's just enough to snap him out of his barking focus. Then he just goes about his puppy business. Now, even without the collar he barks less. But we're not completely done with it yet. Holds a charge for at least a week, even when we forget to turn it off. This is a nice, very specific tool.

Amazing !!

I ordered the vibrate/beep collar to bark/train. I’ve spent over 300$ trying to train my mixed breed shih-tzu/bichon (50/50). This is the very first product that has worked. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !

One beep is all it took

We have a two year old Golden Retriever we moved to our new home with a nice fenced in back yard and added a puppy to our family. The two of them love to play out there. Our neighborhood is very active there is always someone walking by and many times with a dog or two. I've been trying to get them both to stop barking with no luck. So, I thought I'd give these a try. Well my two year old only had to hear that beep once and that was it, I couldn't be happier. The puppy is now 5 months old I put it on him the other day and he started barking at the people walking by and the beeps scared him he didn't quiet understand, so he needs a little work. Overall, I couldn't be happier....

Great Shoes!

Love these dog shoes. They stay on very well with double wrapped Velcro. My dog actually tolerates them on her paws and is able to run around in the snow with no problem. The only thing I would like to see different is the option to buy them as a pack or 2. I bought two different sizes because according to the website measurements, my dogs front paws and back paws would fit in two different sizes. It ended up working well with a smaller size on her back paws, so I think an option for purchasing a two pack would be nice to have as well.