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Small Dog Harness
Patrice Matz
Great Fit

We love the harness for my poodle. It fits well and looks pretty!


The collar has helped. It hasn't stopped the barking but has limited it. Truthfully, I don't want him to stop altogether because he is a wonderful watch dog whose bark doesn't sound like 23 lbs. of cuteness.

Frenchie training

Have been using now for about 5 days works great. Dogs no longer pull or bark. They also come when I push button. Love it

Great collar!

My pug would bark out of control at allot of things! Constant yelling at her to try in quite her down. Not no more! The best part is it allows her to still to bark I didnt want to take that away just the out of control part. It worked it starts with sound only and proggres into Vibration only No shock.. no remote! No prongs! Comfortable! it works great thank you!!!!!

This No Shock Collar works!

My Morkie (18 months) is only 5.3 pounds but out of desperation I decided to try it anyway. I had to cut and stitch the collar to make it small enough to fit her but that's OK. Her obnoxious unprovoked barking has stopped 98% of the time (I'm sure my neighbors are thrilled) I only put it on her when she goes out in my fenced backyard and we take it off in the house. She doesn't have any problems with it - we just snap it on and off.

Highly Recommend! My dog stopped barking obnoxiously after one day of using this!

My dog would bark constantly and I hate being THAT neighbor with the loud dog. My English Bulldog learned quickly on just the first day of using it! After she barked I would say, “No” while the collar beeped. The first two times the dog barks it beeps, on the third and so on it beeps then vibrates. On the first day she only barked three times once because she knew the vibration was coming and she wasn’t a very big fan of it. Now without the collar I say no after she barks once and she doesn’t continue. I think it’s very important to say a command while the collar is peeping so the dog can make an association.

On My Second Pair Of These Collars

These bark collars are definitely a game changer! I use them on my two Australian shepherds. I Purchased my first pair of the basic bark collars a couple years ago. They worked very well until they got damaged in play with one another. So, I decided to upgrade to the digital bark collar this time. Not only does it remind the dog not to bark but it also makes them less aggressive and more obedient. Basically it just reminds them to behave themselves. I like to put them on when I’m expecting somebody to arrive. When I do, they greet our company politely. I also use them at night when we walk them. If the foxes, Deer and raccoon are running around, one of my dogs gets overexcited and out of control. But, when he has his collar on, he behaves himself like A perfect gentleman. It keeps him in check. I’m telling you it’s a total game changer and it just Reminds your dog to behave and it makes your dog behave very very well! Do not hesitate to get one! I use mine on beep and vibrate.

So far so good 😊

His barking has decreased quite a bit, but honestly I haven’t put it on that much because I forget 😂 but the few times he had it on I see the difference. Great product and shock free. Awesome 😎 I personally love it.

Something that works

Happy I received this ! My puppy is understanding and correcting some behaviors of jumping on us. More humane than the other ones that claim to have “no shock” even though there is always a zap of some sort. I’m glad this collar literally has no connection to any type of zap or shock or anything!


I was so surprised how quickly it worked. After one day I can let my labradoodle off lease It gets her attention and she comes back to me. I added a treat the first few days. I like that there is no shock mode Love my well behaved dog


At first my dog looked confused by the beeping. But now, she just doesn't bark when the collar is on. Not sure how this works but it does and she is quiet. When she has her collar on.

Doubter turned BELIEVER!!!

I looked at a lot of products before deciding to try this collar. My Mastiff/Pittie mix is the very definition of an alert dog. She still barks but it’s not constant and once her alarm goes off she “settles” rather quickly!

Mahalo…for providing a safe and effective way to deal with a “barker”!

Attention Getter

We have just started using this collar. Gets Finleys attention. I wish there had been directions regarding collar adjustments for small dog I had to cut the collar. Hoping it doesn’t fret.

I had my doubts but this collar works

My 3 y/o black mouth cur was an incessant barker in the car when he saw people, especially @ a drive thru window. And consistently barked while playing with our other dog in the pool (the neighbors weren’t happy). This completely stopped with the collar on in the car and also curbed significantly in the pool without the collar. He’s only worn it 3x’s in the car and stopped barking the first time. I’m hoping his behavior has been corrected and we can go without it in the car. I’m very surprised and satisfied with this product.

Love it!

I wanted a collar that didn't have the typical prongs a shock collar would have. This checked that box and day one has been so much more peaceful! The beep and vibrate is enough to stop my dog from randomly barking for 5+ min in my face for attention and it's seriously amazing. I'll even be ordering 2 more for my other dogs!

Good starter

This is a very good starter in my opinion. 4 month old puppy, our house sits back off the road in the woods, so plenty of room for him to wonder off. He is learning quickly to both sound and vibration to respond when he gets too far. My only problem is I also have a coonhound who roams the woods as well, she’s 3 and listens very very well, she uses a sound/e-collar, but all around amazing dog you only need the sound for her never use “shock”. So with that said I feel like the sound on the petpawsabilities collar could be more soft, more quiet in the lower settings. I feel like even at it’s lowest setting the sound is very loud and when we use it my coonhound will actually come running and she won’t leave our side like she got in trouble, starting to use vibration more on the puppy so it doesn’t set off my coonhound but to to me I think if the tone was a little more quiet I could have gotten her warmed up to the puppy’s collar going off but since it’s so loud I think it throughs her off thinking it’s her own collar.

A transformation

We are the proud owners of two rescue Maltese. Our second is incredibly willful and had extreme separation anxiety when we got her. Over a year of training most behavioral issues had been resolved but not the barking. Whenever we attempted to seal her in a space where she could not see her she would bark constantly for a seemingly unlimited amount of time. No amount of ignoring it seemed to help as she would bark through an entire night over and over if we have company. She would bark if the door rattled. She would bark if she wanted attention. For a 8 pound dog she is shockingly loud. Shock collars are not an option to me and I wasn’t sure if just a beep or a rumble could possibly stop such a consistent issue.

Let me tell you- this product works.
Even with this behavior being anxiety motivated within two rumbles she never barks more than once now. The beep instantly stops her. It’s absolutely amazing and I feel like an issue which plagued me daily for a year is just gone. It took almost no time at all for her to get to point. I feel like I know my dog so much better now. When she is scared the scurries. When she is alerting she stands still. All of those responses were previously just a lot of barking. I feel like her anxiety is actually relieved by not working herself up into a frenzy.
When she finally breaks this collar I will just buy another because this is priceless to me.

I can take it off of her for long periods of time now and she still doesn’t bark. She’s learned. And I’ve only had it for a few weeks.
If you’re on the fence about this collar give it a try because I feel so relieved.

Collar sound and vibration

We love the collars for our two Shealties. They are minimally barking. Hoping to train them to minimally bark and bring down level to a 1 or two. Currently on level 6. Missie on level 7 when we go for walks as she barks and wants to chase cars.

Love it!!

As an apartment resident, this has been a life saver! I have a Shih Tzu that barks at any sound she hears when left alone. I tried leaving music or the tv on to distract her but nothing worked. I only put the collar on when I’m out and it’s been working every time! I have a Furbo dog camera which alerts me when she’s barking and I now receive 0 notifications from her barking. I know my neighbors are thankful for this collar!

Great collar

It's worked wonders so far on my dog. And to think someone was pushing for me to use a shock collar. So glad I didn't. To me that's inhumane. This collar has quieted my little 4 month old Chonpoo from unnecessary barking. First time she learned, now just the sight of it she don't won't it on her and I can now leave her home alone without disturbing neighbors since I live in a thin walled apartment. It was a little too big for neck still but i did so adjustments by sewing it and now it fits her perfectly. Thank you

Great collar

Game changer, worked with in minutes. Solved problems immediately, different dog when wearing collar and even when collar is off she doesn’t bark

Great, effective collar

Very nervous & over protective Chihuahua/Terrier mix. Would bark uncontrollably, show teeth, raise hair line & not calm down if anyone was walking past our fence or coming in the house. Aggressive towards people & dogs on walks. This collar not only stops the barking but also calms him down. He can’t work himself into a fury anymore. My neighbors can finally walk around my fence & even come inside without him totally freaking out. He will still bark once or twice. It’s a huge improvement. Highly recommend!

We love this collar💞

Our Wally 🐾used to bark ALL the time!
He’s gotten used to the collar around his neck now and doesn’t bark at all! So grateful 😊

Pretty Good!

My dog is a 55 lb Hound/Jack Russell mix and likes to bark. Sometimes for good reason and others for seemingly no reason at all. I've resorted to shock collars, reluctantly, in the past and decided to give this a shot. I did and found that it didn't work...initially. I gave it several tries, tightening up her collar each time and find that it does in fact work. I recommend giving it a shot.

It's not as effective as the shock collars but does curb the majority of her barking.