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No shock collar

We have a Yorkie that barks at everything. Put this collar on her she is like a different dog. Really quiets her down. Without being shocked

Stubborn Rhoedisian Ridge Back

We were giving it a 50 50 chance of working. We didn't want a shock collar as he's a 1 year old shelter dog who seems Iiked he had some rough times before we got him home. He stopped almost immediately and after 2 weeks we sometimes forget to turn it on when he goes out and he's so used to it he still doesn't bark. He's a smart dog and learned quickly. This collar exceeded our expectations.


This collar seems to have huuuge conditioning power. In tandem with its use (and my dog only wears it when I'm out), I've taken other steps to lessen anxiety: frozen kong treat, confinement in bedroom out of sight of front door, ambient radio. I also have a petcam set up and can see that he doesn't appear to be in distress when the beeping occurs, just looks around in confusion. The separation anxiety/barking was a major challenge for six weeks after my dog's adoption. Now I can leave for 1+ hours and check on the petcam to see him curled up on my bed or calmly watching the door. No more barking. I was on the fence about getting one, but I can't overstate the life improvement (for both of us) that has taken place in just a few days! (*as a side note, he doesn't seem to be scared to bark in other contexts, like when he hears another dog coming down the hall. I was worried he would "lose his voice" completely, but that doesn't seem to be the case! :)

No Shock Bark Control Collars

These collars we put on two small dogs for two weeks. They work extremely well and help them to behave real well that give us peace of minds. Your invention is awesome. Thank a bunch 🐶 !!!!!!

No Shock Humane Bark Control Collar, Sound & Vibration Only, For 25-150 lb Dogs, Neck size 13inch to 24inch
Collar works great but batteries don't last

I have a 10 yo German Shepherd and have tried several "no bark"/training collars over the years. This collar works great, but both of the batteries included lasted less than a week. I'm not sure if they are cheap batteries, but it's not convenient to change the battery so often. Plus, my dog realizes when the battery dies and starts barking again.


Great item, works well for my dog.

Peace at last!

Ty barked anytime he heard another dog bark. He barked if anyone came to the door. He barked if he heard footsteps upstairs. He barked if anyone walked into the house. He had people scared of him-he only weighs 11 pounds. He's also a growler. It didn't take but a day or two and he has begun to not react to other dogs barking. He hasn't barked much at all now. I had complaints constantly from my son whose dog barked lots which cued his barking. I am really, really happy with our success. He still grunts and chuffs, but many times the collar reacts gently and he stops. I like that the intensity can be adjusted, too.

Improved barking

A solid product and easy to use. Still some barking but 80% improvement.

Remarkable results

We are pleased with our two no-shock bark collars, one on our 18-lb mostly Jack Russell, and the other on our 10-lb. terrier mix. They teach each other bad habits, and the latest seemed to be team barking.They have worn the collars for several days, now, and it has helped a lot. It has not cured errant barking, but cut it way down.
The collars are easy to charge and to get on the dogs; they seem comfortable while being worn; they seem sturdy enough to last. All good.
They are slightly eccentric in the way they work. At times, the first bark will get a tone, while sometimes the collar lets them get a couple or three barks out before it does anything. Not a big deal, I think.
There is a bit of the Im wearing the blasted collar so I best not bark reaction even when the collar isnt switched on, so I guess a test would be to take them out on a leash but with no bark collar and see how they do when they meet other dogs and interesting things to bark at.
Perfect? No. Darn good and Im glad we purchased them? You bet.
Pictured is Mickey, chief barker.


I wasnt sure what to expect because my dog has pretty bad separation anxiety, but after about 3 days there is a very noticeable difference in the barking and even the attitude! Would definitely recommend. Only thing

This has helped our sanity so much!

This collar has helped to curb my dogs barking tremendously. He used to sit at the window and barK all day but after hearing the beep a few times his barking has decreased significantly. The vibration only happens after the third bark and I think he only got to that point maybe three times in the two weeks hes been wearing this. He still barks when someone comes to our door or if he sees a dog during a walk, but l do see some improvement even in those areas. I think with time this will retrain him not to bark inappropriately in all situations. My only reason for 4 stars instead of five is that it does not seem to work consistently when we are going for a walk. I think when he is moving around it isnt as consistent. But overall I am so happy with this purchase. It has made my days working at home so much less stressful and he is calmer too. Also, I want to mention he was never bothered by wearing this. He hasnt scratched at the collar it tried to take it off at all which I was really concerned about. I 100% recommend this for someone looking for a cruelty free method of teaching your dog not to bark all day.

Half disappointed

Great for our small Dog but doesn’t work for our Collie

Worked like a charm!

Our dog did not bark continuously. His bark is a long hound sound that will make you jump out of your socks when he starts though. LOL! He would stand at the window to bark at a person walking their dog, bark when someone came to our door, or when greeting other dogs while out for a walk. His bark sounded aggressive, but he just wanted to play and make friends. He is not an aggressive dog at all, but he’s very social. We put the collar on and the first time he barked with it on, the high pitched tone startled him. He did this a few times over the next couple days, with only barking enough to make the vibration mode go off once. He doesn’t like any of it, but the vibration really startled him. He’s a very intelligent dog and we didn’t have to put the collar back on him after the third day! I will put it on him when we go to the park for walks as a ‘just in case’ though. I didn’t want a shock collar as I didn’t want to cause my dog any pain or discomfort. I searched for quite some time for just the right collar and believe I found it with this one!

ThAt it had a great range and at night you can see her collar in dark

I like the collar she came back as soon as I beep her.The range is good . Great collar.

To My Surprise!!!!

After try other products to address Willie’s barking this collar worked. He may have one bark but that’s it! I highly recommend this collar and I don’t typically do product reviews.

Tessa my best friend

Tessa is a Belgin, I love her dearly she is 5yrs young she has her own car,I driver her around every day to look around she has her head out the window even in the rain the only probly is when she sees some one on the streeet walking or riding a bike she barks at them and some times scares them to death i can not correct her because i am driving so i got the petpaws bark collar to see if it would work well let me tell you it WORKS i could not believe how well it worked and so fast by the second day out she started to bark but stoped with out me haveing to tell her as i said it Works and Works well i tell every one about it hope others try it also it just might work for you tks bob and Tessa

Worked like a charm!

My shepherd mix barks at everything. Working from home has made me that much more aware of it but I was hesitant to buy a shock collar for her. I was happy to find this collar that gives off 3 tones and then a vibration. She has not gotten to the vibration because the tones are enough of a reminder to her. It stopped her barking from the very 1st day of use. Happy momma!

It works

We have a 6 month old German Shepherd with some insecurity issues. He's quite the barker at night. I hated the idea of a shock collar, so I was willing to give this a try. I really had no expectation that vibration and a beep were going to detour his barking. Amazingly, it works. By night 2, we could tell that he had associated the annoying vibration and beep with his bark. He just knows when the collar goes on then no barking.

Barking Maltese

Our year old Maltese barks at anything that moves. Thanks to the bark collar she seldom barks with the collar on. Only used it 3 days and very impressed. I’m sure our neighbors are happy also.


Amazing Results

We’d tried positive behavioral modification without success. Our rescue’s barking at delivery trucks and visitors was becoming worse not better - an untenable situation now that we all do work and school from home. Honestly, I really didn’t think this collar would work when I ordered it but I had to exhaust all options. IT IS REMARKABLE!!! Since the first day he has never barked more than twice at a time, and now rarely barks even once. And to be clear, the collar doesn’t emit a particularly loud or painful sound, it’s a very moderate beeeep. He is confused and concerned when he hears the sound but he immediately stops barking. I am so grateful to have found this collar.

Works Great!

Our dog, Poppy (a midsized rescue dog which includes Rottweiler and 3 types of terrier), is very protective.

We live on a very busy, though quiet residential street, and she barked at EVERYTHING.

Since I had worked with her verbally and by using a spray bottle of water for 2 years, she already knew that she was not supposed to bark, but consistent (mostly verbal) repeated training had done absolutely nothing (I work from home and could not take a break every 30 seconds to use the spray bottle, but would constantly call her down, and use the spray several times a day).

The newspaper is delivered to our mail slot, and she goes crazy, running back and forth, growling, snapping, and barking. Once inside, she grabs the paper and thrashes it side to side. Before I started working from home, we would sometimes come home to shredded newspaper all over the floor. That is one daily event when I can almost always take a short break to use the spray.

But whenever we are gone, of course, there is NO training.

Finally I knew that I had to get a collar, so I read with interest that yours is humane.

Once it arrived, I read the instructions and charged the collar. Poppy watched me testing the collar and had groaned and shook her head at the tone.

Right after placing it on her, she heard a sound and ran to the window. A teenage neighbor had pulled up across the street, and Poppy started to bark. I told her no just as the first tone sounded. Poppy immediately stopped barking, and we rarely have to correct her at all-except to leave the newspaper alone. Although she no longer barks, the rest of the instinctive behavior to tear apart the inanimate intruder is still there.

Since she is also a very affectionate and hyper dog, sometimes she still lets out an excited squeal while leaping around when my husband comes home, but she is now no longer a noisy distraction that forces me to mute the mic when I am in a virtual meeting and a neighbor walks by. We can keep the TV volume down as well.

With no electric shock, we also do not have to worry about long term damage.

Love this collar!

Greatest No Bark Collar

We tried everything to stop our Cavashon from constant barking. He is 5 years old. When I put this collar on him it wasn’t long and he is so much better. Now I just tell him I’ll put on the collar and he usually stops. If he doesn’t stop I just put it on him. He grumbles but no more barking. I am so grateful to have found this collar.

Barking Jack Russell

I live in a townhouse community and currently working from home with a 3 yr old Jack Russell. This device is a life saver!! My dog barked at everything and things I couldn't even see. It worked within the moment I put it on her!! My dog is a NEW DOG!!! She hears the warning beep and knows not to growl or bark. She has felt the vibration a few times, however I do not feel this is something that is causing her ANY discomfort. I have told all my friends and coworkers about this amazing tool to help me control my dogs barking. Thank you for making a product that I feel is safe and effective to train my dog. Thank you for giving me back peace and quiet!!!

This is amazing - and my little dachshund doesn’t object!

Other collars we bought didn’t work and were returned. This one worked! The first night she was a bit upset… but each night her barking is diminishing to only a couple of barks. She doesn’t object to my putting it on her neck. I think the technology of this one is just so far above any other brand! Thank you!!!