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Attention Getter

We have just started using this collar. Gets Finleys attention. I wish there had been directions regarding collar adjustments for small dog I had to cut the collar. Hoping it doesn’t fret.

I had my doubts but this collar works

My 3 y/o black mouth cur was an incessant barker in the car when he saw people, especially @ a drive thru window. And consistently barked while playing with our other dog in the pool (the neighbors weren’t happy). This completely stopped with the collar on in the car and also curbed significantly in the pool without the collar. He’s only worn it 3x’s in the car and stopped barking the first time. I’m hoping his behavior has been corrected and we can go without it in the car. I’m very surprised and satisfied with this product.

Love it!

I wanted a collar that didn't have the typical prongs a shock collar would have. This checked that box and day one has been so much more peaceful! The beep and vibrate is enough to stop my dog from randomly barking for 5+ min in my face for attention and it's seriously amazing. I'll even be ordering 2 more for my other dogs!

Good starter

This is a very good starter in my opinion. 4 month old puppy, our house sits back off the road in the woods, so plenty of room for him to wonder off. He is learning quickly to both sound and vibration to respond when he gets too far. My only problem is I also have a coonhound who roams the woods as well, she’s 3 and listens very very well, she uses a sound/e-collar, but all around amazing dog you only need the sound for her never use “shock”. So with that said I feel like the sound on the petpawsabilities collar could be more soft, more quiet in the lower settings. I feel like even at it’s lowest setting the sound is very loud and when we use it my coonhound will actually come running and she won’t leave our side like she got in trouble, starting to use vibration more on the puppy so it doesn’t set off my coonhound but to to me I think if the tone was a little more quiet I could have gotten her warmed up to the puppy’s collar going off but since it’s so loud I think it throughs her off thinking it’s her own collar.

A transformation

We are the proud owners of two rescue Maltese. Our second is incredibly willful and had extreme separation anxiety when we got her. Over a year of training most behavioral issues had been resolved but not the barking. Whenever we attempted to seal her in a space where she could not see her she would bark constantly for a seemingly unlimited amount of time. No amount of ignoring it seemed to help as she would bark through an entire night over and over if we have company. She would bark if the door rattled. She would bark if she wanted attention. For a 8 pound dog she is shockingly loud. Shock collars are not an option to me and I wasn’t sure if just a beep or a rumble could possibly stop such a consistent issue.

Let me tell you- this product works.
Even with this behavior being anxiety motivated within two rumbles she never barks more than once now. The beep instantly stops her. It’s absolutely amazing and I feel like an issue which plagued me daily for a year is just gone. It took almost no time at all for her to get to point. I feel like I know my dog so much better now. When she is scared the scurries. When she is alerting she stands still. All of those responses were previously just a lot of barking. I feel like her anxiety is actually relieved by not working herself up into a frenzy.
When she finally breaks this collar I will just buy another because this is priceless to me.

I can take it off of her for long periods of time now and she still doesn’t bark. She’s learned. And I’ve only had it for a few weeks.
If you’re on the fence about this collar give it a try because I feel so relieved.

Collar sound and vibration

We love the collars for our two Shealties. They are minimally barking. Hoping to train them to minimally bark and bring down level to a 1 or two. Currently on level 6. Missie on level 7 when we go for walks as she barks and wants to chase cars.

Love it!!

As an apartment resident, this has been a life saver! I have a Shih Tzu that barks at any sound she hears when left alone. I tried leaving music or the tv on to distract her but nothing worked. I only put the collar on when I’m out and it’s been working every time! I have a Furbo dog camera which alerts me when she’s barking and I now receive 0 notifications from her barking. I know my neighbors are thankful for this collar!

Great collar

It's worked wonders so far on my dog. And to think someone was pushing for me to use a shock collar. So glad I didn't. To me that's inhumane. This collar has quieted my little 4 month old Chonpoo from unnecessary barking. First time she learned, now just the sight of it she don't won't it on her and I can now leave her home alone without disturbing neighbors since I live in a thin walled apartment. It was a little too big for neck still but i did so adjustments by sewing it and now it fits her perfectly. Thank you

Great collar

Game changer, worked with in minutes. Solved problems immediately, different dog when wearing collar and even when collar is off she doesn’t bark

Great, effective collar

Very nervous & over protective Chihuahua/Terrier mix. Would bark uncontrollably, show teeth, raise hair line & not calm down if anyone was walking past our fence or coming in the house. Aggressive towards people & dogs on walks. This collar not only stops the barking but also calms him down. He can’t work himself into a fury anymore. My neighbors can finally walk around my fence & even come inside without him totally freaking out. He will still bark once or twice. It’s a huge improvement. Highly recommend!

We love this collar💞

Our Wally 🐾used to bark ALL the time!
He’s gotten used to the collar around his neck now and doesn’t bark at all! So grateful 😊

Pretty Good!

My dog is a 55 lb Hound/Jack Russell mix and likes to bark. Sometimes for good reason and others for seemingly no reason at all. I've resorted to shock collars, reluctantly, in the past and decided to give this a shot. I did and found that it didn't work...initially. I gave it several tries, tightening up her collar each time and find that it does in fact work. I recommend giving it a shot.

It's not as effective as the shock collars but does curb the majority of her barking.

It works

Received a barking dog notice from animal control. Wasn't really sure how I was going to train my dog from barking in the early morning hours. Came across your products and read the reviews decided to give it a try. Within one day I notice your product had solve problem. I thank you and appreciate 🙏 for having a product that actually works.

Works great 👍 👌 👏

Just got it and charged the collar for the recommended time. I put it on my 6 month old Bluetic Coon hound and it worked immediately. She is unsure where the noise is Coming from and I also tell her no bark when she starts so she thinks it's me doing it.. So far so good and if you know Hound dogs they love to bark lol. Don't think I will need to use it for to long. Good training tool.

Best dog shoes

Luckily the smallest size fits my 12 lbs miniature poodle. He loves to wear them in the snow and rainy days. Now he wears them almost every day.

Seems like we got a brand new dog

I relied heavily on the testimonials on this site to actually make the decision to purchase this product. It was within a few days that I knew it was a great decision. Our American Lab Retriever Paisley who is 3 years old was a constant barker before purchasing this product. She now is hesitant to even growl. It seems as though we have a brand new dog, yet she is she still the same lovable family companion that we always had. The only thing that changed was her barking! It almost seems as if it has calmed her down as well.

a great purchase

The collar really does work. I have a 1 year old pitbull who barks quite a bit and the collar has really decreased his barking a lot. If he barks and he hears the first beep that’s the end of the barking. Really great collar.

No shock collar

We have a Yorkie that barks at everything. Put this collar on her she is like a different dog. Really quiets her down. Without being shocked

Stubborn Rhoedisian Ridge Back

We were giving it a 50 50 chance of working. We didn't want a shock collar as he's a 1 year old shelter dog who seems Iiked he had some rough times before we got him home. He stopped almost immediately and after 2 weeks we sometimes forget to turn it on when he goes out and he's so used to it he still doesn't bark. He's a smart dog and learned quickly. This collar exceeded our expectations.


This collar seems to have huuuge conditioning power. In tandem with its use (and my dog only wears it when I'm out), I've taken other steps to lessen anxiety: frozen kong treat, confinement in bedroom out of sight of front door, ambient radio. I also have a petcam set up and can see that he doesn't appear to be in distress when the beeping occurs, just looks around in confusion. The separation anxiety/barking was a major challenge for six weeks after my dog's adoption. Now I can leave for 1+ hours and check on the petcam to see him curled up on my bed or calmly watching the door. No more barking. I was on the fence about getting one, but I can't overstate the life improvement (for both of us) that has taken place in just a few days! (*as a side note, he doesn't seem to be scared to bark in other contexts, like when he hears another dog coming down the hall. I was worried he would "lose his voice" completely, but that doesn't seem to be the case! :)

No Shock Bark Control Collars

These collars we put on two small dogs for two weeks. They work extremely well and help them to behave real well that give us peace of minds. Your invention is awesome. Thank a bunch 🐶 !!!!!!

No Shock Humane Bark Control Collar, Sound & Vibration Only, For 25-150 lb Dogs, Neck size 13inch to 24inch
Collar works great but batteries don't last

I have a 10 yo German Shepherd and have tried several "no bark"/training collars over the years. This collar works great, but both of the batteries included lasted less than a week. I'm not sure if they are cheap batteries, but it's not convenient to change the battery so often. Plus, my dog realizes when the battery dies and starts barking again.


Great item, works well for my dog.

Peace at last!

Ty barked anytime he heard another dog bark. He barked if anyone came to the door. He barked if he heard footsteps upstairs. He barked if anyone walked into the house. He had people scared of him-he only weighs 11 pounds. He's also a growler. It didn't take but a day or two and he has begun to not react to other dogs barking. He hasn't barked much at all now. I had complaints constantly from my son whose dog barked lots which cued his barking. I am really, really happy with our success. He still grunts and chuffs, but many times the collar reacts gently and he stops. I like that the intensity can be adjusted, too.